Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Street Preaching At The Indy 500.

I am sorry I have not kept up on my blog but I have been very busy. I would just like to give some of the facts of our past week street preaching. On Friday myself, my dad, sister and two friends went preaching at a Z Z Top concert at the speedway. We had some good conversations and overall it went nice. We had a lesbian come up (who of course was a christian) and started to tell us that we were doing it all wrong and she was a Christian homo. We started talking to her about 1 Cor. 6:9-11, and Romans 1. Where it states that NO HOMO will make it in to HEAVEN, and that they are reprobate. She proceeded to get mad and tried to swipe the sign from my dad. She then walked back across the street but on the way almost got run over by a motorcycle.
On Saturday we went out to the Parade, a very good time of street preaching. We had a J.W who said he was saved and either going to heaven or the ground, because there was no hell (J.W doctrine). We told him that there was a hell and showed him Luke 16:23, Rev. 20:10-15. He still said there was no hell but got off onto another subject. We brought up that Jesus was God. He denied it even after we took him to Zechariah 12:10 and John 19:37. He finally got mad and walked off. I was able to talk to one of the Clowns For Christ (No Greater Love Ministries) about salvation, God hating people, and them looking foolish in their costumes. He told me he ho[ed he would get to heaven, God did not hate anyone even after being showed Psalms 5:5.
That night myself,my brother, my dad and 9 other friends went street preaching at Georgetown. This the night before the Indy where everyone is getting drunk or doing some other form of wickedness. This is so vile and wicked no women or children are allowed, and all officers walk around in sets of 5. We were out from 7:00-11:00. While there we had several drunks try and attack us at several different times. Once a drunk Catholic kid started physically attacking us saying he had been raised in a christian home was spanked as a child and so on. We proceeded to keep him off and he went on down the road. We also had a police officer pull up in his car and tell us we needed a permit. My father dealt with him and told him we did not need one, he then continued to read off the statutes to the officer. The officer kept walking towards him and when he got real close to him told him to back up which my father did. The officer did not like how far he had stepped back and pulled out his cuffs and cuffed him. He then told all of us to back off, which we did about two-three feet. He then walked up to my brother and myself who had backed up and put his hand on our shoulder and pushed us over more stating that we had not backed off enough. After that a better trained officer pulled up got out and started talking to the other officer when he realized he had done wrong, he told my dad if he would calm down and cool off he would take the cuffs off. Which he did, and then left. Later that night we had an older drunken Catholic attack us again getting very violent shoving and spitting on all of us. When we called the police he took off and we didn't see him he rest of the evening.
Sunday we went out to the actual race. There were several good conversations. We had quite a few people get mad and some tried getting violent but nothing serious happened.
We hope God worked in peoples lives and that some will get converted before they die.
That is all for now, thanks for reading. Next time I will try and get a post up sooner than last time.