Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Street Preaching At The Rock Concerts And Hill Cumorah

Recently we have been very busy street preaching and preaching in the churches.
This past Thursday night we went out to the Buffalo in the Square Rock Concert to preach. We normally go there whenever we are here as it is a really good time. There are hundreds of people who don't even go into the concert but stay outside and talk to us. It got violent a couple of times, as they do not like what we are saying because it condemns their sin. We had one kid come up and start rubbing lotion all over the preacher, and made himself a hero to all the wicked. Another time what looked like a lesbian came up and started kicking and punching at the preachers, her friends ended up pulling her off. The police were around there but they wouldn't do their job. And when police protection was requested (as it is their job if we are in danger) denied it saying we knew the risk. Later on though a group of officers came up and protected us after we called 911. I had a good conversation with a kid who was raised in the Catholic church and still claimed to be one but didn't practice it. He said that as a child some of the things confused him, he was just lacking the courage to question the priest and his parents. He said he would think on what I had given him. The church doctrines that they worship Mary, believe in Mary for their salvation, in works for salvation etc.
Then Friday night we had the Rochester East End Rock Fest. We had a really good time there. At the start we had a so called Christian get mad and spit on dad, who then went to the police and complained. we also went to the officer because of assault and was told to get out of the road. Another man came out of the coffee shop behind us and tried to grab the sign from dad. The officer saw it and we decided to press charges. The officer at first said it was only assault if you were injured and wouldn't arrest the man. Dad told him it was and he was pressing charges, he wanted the man arrested now. The officer went to get the guy but he had taken off and tried to get away. They caught him and brought him back to us. The man apologized and tried to get out of being arrested, but dad pressed charges anyway. Overall we had a good night. At one point we walked across the street near the actual concert and one of the band members read our sign oer the loud speaker "Women are to be keepers at home." It was great.
Then Saturday night we went to the Mormon Hill Cumorah Pageant. Dad had a couple good conversations. I held a banner most of the night and didn't get to talk to anyone.
Please pray for us as we are going to the pageant tonight, possibly tomorrow night, Friday night, and Saturday night. We also have the the Buffalo rock concert Thursday night, the J.W. convention Friday and Saturday morning and the Gay parade Saturday afternoon.