Sunday, May 31, 2009

Street Preaching at the Indy 500

This past weekend we went out Street Preaching at the Indy 500 parade on Saturday and the race on Sunday, with the men going out Saturday night to Georgetown. We had groups from Chicago, Ohio, Michigan, New York and a few other places. Saturday went well we had plenty of Street Preaching and witnessing. We got out more tracts this year than we have in the past few years. We were in our normal spot, and where normally by 10:00 is packed this year was still not packed by the time the parade started at 1:00. On Sunday we went out to the race track and preached. We got into quite a few good conversations including with a smoking minister, who thought there was only 4 books in the entire Bible, couldn't tell you where the 10 commandments were, but we were wrong for being out there. We had one point where it got a little rough with a man throwing his beer all over us. We got out a lot more tracts than usual here also. All in all it was a good time.