Thursday, July 23, 2009

What We Have Been Doing.

We were in Nauvoo IL. last month after my last post street p;reaching and visiting some friends, we had a very good time irritating the Mormons as it is the second most important place for them. It is near where Joseph Smith was killed, they moved to after they were kicked out of Missouri etc. We went up to the Temple a couple times a week and would preach and witness out front. While preaching one time my dad got a Mormon mad who's wife was trying to take a picture, but he was in the way, so the man rudely demanded that he move. Dad said if he had asked politely he would have but since he was rude he could forget about it. Needless to say the man continued to get mad and eventually cursed and threatened my dad. After that we went to a friends house in Ohio and did some street preaching around there. We then headed to New York for our usual meetings. Our first few were all good meetings. While at one of them we preached at the World's Largest Spiritualist community called Lily Dale. They have their own Fire Dept. Post Office etc. We got interviewed and put in the Sunday newspaper nothing big but it still had what we had been preaching. The following Sunday the local churches wrote the editor and apologized for our preaching, they said God damns no one to hell, and then quoted John 3:18 later on. The pastor we had been working with has a radio station at the church and the next day preached on the pastors repenting for us, and how God does and will damn someone to hell that is not saved. After that we moved up towards Buffalo area and went to several of the rock concerts on Thursday night. We started an old fashioned camp-meeting with a pastor near there where Ron Williams (head-director of Hephzibah House a girls house) and my dad were preaching. That Thursday we went out to Buffalo and found the streets crowded, we found out that the band that was playing that night had not done a concert since 1973. My dad went out with one white glove and a sign that read Ask Me Why Micheal Jackson Went To Hell. Within minutes we had about forty people around us. We had at various times anywhere from fifty to three hundred people, the police arrested one man and broke up several near riots.
That Friday we also went witnessing in Niagara Falls and got rained on the whole time, but we still got tracts out.
Till next time.